15:36 PM

Mohawk College and Six Nations Polytechnic celebrate long-standing partnership with very old tradition

SNPWampamMohawkWampumTop: Six Nations Polytechnic President Rebecca Jamieson presented Mohawk College President Ron McKerlie with a special Friendship Wampum Belt to celebrate the long-standing partnership between the two postsecondary institutions.

Below: Mohawk was so moved by the gesture that the college presented a Friendship Wampum Belt to Six Nations Polytechnic designed and created by Ron McLester, Mohawk's Director and Special Advisor, Aboriginal Initiatives. Mohawk is the first postsecondary institution to present Six Nations Polytechnic with a Wampum Belt.

Mohawk and Six Nations Polytechnic have collaborated on the delivery of programs to the Aboriginal community since 2002. For the Haudenosaunee people Wampum Belts have bee a way to document historic agreements for more than a 1,000 years.