08:54 AM

Mohawk College launches Esports Administration program

Innovative program to prepare students for exciting careers in the fast-growing esports industry


Mohawk College is launching a unique new esports administration program, preparing students for promising careers in the promotion and support of the fast-growing, event-driven esports industry.

Announced today, the two-year Esports Administration Ontario College Diploma program has been established in response to unprecedented growth in participation and audience engagement in esports tournaments and events across Canada. Students in the program will receive training in team management, event management, marketing and sponsorship, broadcasting and production, game development, and player management, with a specific focus on esports and the esports community.

“This innovative program reflects Mohawk College’s commitment to equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving world of esports,” said Dr. Cebert Adamson, VP, Academic at Mohawk College. “Students will gain a deep understanding of the strategic, operational, and managerial aspects of esports, preparing them for exciting career opportunities in this dynamic industry."

The new program taps into the experience of faculty members who are recognized in the esports and traditional sports management and entertainment sector. Professors are nationally recognized in areas such as professional sports administration, sports psychology, mental health and performance, coaching, media and broadcasting, contract and law, and more.

In recent years, esports events and tournaments have become increasingly popular in Canada, attracting thousands of spectators, both in person and online. From Statista, Canada’s esports industry revenue is forecasted to grow by 6.77% annually from 2023-2027, with a projected revenue of $45.59M CAD in 2027. There are currently three large esports arenas in Canada and a new 7,200-seat arena is expected to be completed on Toronto’s waterfront by 2025. Graduates in the Esports Administration program will be prepared to contribute to the continued growth of this industry.

"Gaming audiences are becoming more captivated and willing to spend their hard-earned dollars to consume and participate in esports and video game-related content. Along with this comes a rapidly maturing esports industry, moving away from the early days of startup entrepreneurship and closer to traditional organized corporate structures,” said Vince Hui, CEO and President of Incendium Gaming and a member of the Program Advisory Committee for the new program. “There is no better time to prepare students for a new mature esports industry than by arming them with skill sets that are transferable to multiple career paths within the esports ecosystem."

Reports indicate more than 20 million Canadians are active video game players, with an almost equal number of male and female players. Following a similar approach to Mohawk College’s recently launched Game–Design Advanced Diploma program, the Esports Administration Diploma program will infuse all courses with respect for equity, diversity and inclusion. Students will be well prepared to be champions of inclusivity in the esports industry through best practices and a diverse learning environment.

To support this new program, the college has also established a new Mohawk Esports Community Arena (MECA) to provide a place for grassroots video game communities in the city to flourish. MECA will host biweekly events, open to the public, featuring the most popular game titles as well as titles picked via community polling.

The Esports Administration Diploma program at Mohawk College will accept its first class of students in September 2024, with registration opening in October 2023. More information about the new program can be found at: https://mohawkcollege.ca/esports