15:35 PM

Mohawk College officially partners with ARUCC to launch a digital wallet for students and alumni


Mohawk College joins MyCreds™, the National Network and virtual wallet of the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC). 

MyCreds™ offers students and alumni a sustainable, modern, and digital alternative to paper copies, giving them full control of how and when to share their academic documents. This partnership provides a way to reduce paper and provide students and alumni with a more accessible and convenient way to manage their Mohawk College documents. 

“As part of our ongoing commitment to embracing digital solutions and adopting sustainable practices, we are delighted to launch MyCreds™”, says Krista Welsh, Registrar and Senior Director, Strategic Enrolment Management at Mohawk College. “Supporting lifelong learning means providing students and alumni secure access to their academic documents anytime, anywhere, as they continue their academic and professional goals.”  

The MyCreds™ platform offers a secure, streamlined user experience for all students and alumni to request and share academic documents with other educational institutions, employers, and other partners securely and conveniently. Documents issued through MyCreds™ are tamper-evident and cryptographically signed, making them authentic and official.  

Mohawk’s partnership with MyCreds™ begins with digital credentials available to the Fall 2022 graduates and future graduating classes. The college will later expand the virtual wallet functionality to support additional academic documents.  

About MyCreds™   

The ARUCC MyCreds™ | MesCertif™ National Network is a shared service and platform that provides students and graduates access to a secure, online, password protected learner credential wallet. This virtual wallet allows them to view and share their verified and official transcripts, credentials, and academic documents in a digitized format on a 24/7 basis – anytime, anywhere. Secure, cryptographically signed documents can be sent conveniently and require no further verification. MyCreds™ is the first and only national bilingual system of its kind in Canada. Visit www.mycreds.ca for more details or contact ARUCC’s Executive Lead, Joanne Duklas at info@aruccnationalnetwork.ca

About ARUCC  

The Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC) owns MyCreds™. ARUCC provides leadership in the post-secondary education field and service to its member institutions nationally and internationally, helping foster the advancement of registrarial practices and learner focused service delivery in Canada.