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Mohawk College redefines college-student-employer relationship with Future Ready Premium Program

10 major regional employers engage in exclusive new partnerships

Mohawk College has joined forces with 10 leading employers in the Hamilton Region to create a new program designed to more actively engage industry and community partners in the training of job-ready college graduates.

Announced today, Mohawk College is launching the Future Ready Premium Program, a strategic initiative with a select group of industry partners, involving exclusive projects to enhance the learning experience for students while helping to address the employment priorities of the companies involved.

“The Future Ready Premium Program takes our industry partner relationships to the next level,” says Mohawk College President Ron McKerlie. “We are creating a program that will help Future Ready Premium Employers shape the training of Mohawk students as potential employees and gives them a chance to recruit new graduates for meaningful local jobs. Then, we will help those graduates successfully transition into the workforce.

“We pride ourselves on having strong relationships with industry and community partners and this program deepens that engagement even more, for the benefit of students, employers and the greater community.”

The 10 Future Ready Premium Employers in the first wave of this program include: ArcelorMittal Dofasco, City of Hamilton, Gerrie Electric Inc., Hamilton Health Sciences, IBM, KF Aerospace, L3HARRIS, Stelco, Thrive Group and Walters Inc. New employers will be added to the program on an annual basis.

“Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) and Mohawk College are making even bigger strides in reshaping experiential learning opportunities that will prepare graduates to thrive in their new careers,” says Kirsten Krull, Vice President, Quality and Performance & Chief Nursing Executive at Hamilton Health Sciences. “Together, we’ll deepen and diversify their knowledge and skills development to help jump start their careers in an organization that is focused on continuous improvement and innovation. The Future Ready Premium Program will bring students, school faculty and health care professionals together to unlock new developmental opportunities, build capacity to meet our vast manpower needs and holistically equip people to become their very best in their new jobs. We’re unlocking capacity for both organizations by bringing brain power together in interesting new ways.”

The Future Ready Premium Program will offer employers:

• greater access to student and graduate talent;

• customized industry training solutions;

• preferred engagements with students and alumni;

• strategic co-branding with Mohawk College;

• a single point of contact to access the wide range of services available to partners;

• early involvement in program development and design; and

• opportunities to contribute to specialized Mohawk-led community programs.

“We are looking forward to the launch of the Future Ready Premium Program. It promises to provide more students with the skills they need to succeed post-graduation,” says Sheldon Coombs, President of the Mohawk Students’ Association. “We welcome any opportunity that better trains Mohawk students and prepares them for the transition into the workforce.”

The Future Ready Premium Program will offer students:

• new learning modules to support career development throughout their program of study;

• early exposure to significant employers in the region;

• new experiential learning and applied research opportunities;

• opportunities to explore company-specific jobs prior to graduation;

• post-graduation job search advising and support.

Premium Employers, students and alumni will be prominently featured in an ambitious co-branding strategy, beginning November 4 across southern Ontario.

To learn more about connecting with Mohawk College to build your exceptional workforce, visit mohawkcollege.ca/employers