14:42 PM

Mohawk College Students Host Event to Recognize Faculty

Students integrate Vietnamese tradition into Mohawk culture for International Education Week

Following a long-standing Vietnamese tradition to mark Teacher Appreciation Day on November 20, a group of three marketing students partnered with the Mohawk Students' Association to host the first annual Faculty Appreciation Day.

Hosted during the college-wide common hour at the Fennell campus, more than 150 faculty and students attended the first event. Students were encouraged to voice their appreciation for faculty members who have helped them in one way or another along their journey through Mohawk College. The event showcased that the college is more than just brick and stone; it is a foundation for students to receive a great education.

“As a group of International students, Mohawk College faculty has played a big role to helping us learn about the Canadian culture when we first arrived in Canada. Today, our group wants to bring a little bit of our Vietnamese culture to Mohawk College,” commented by Mark Hoang, who organized the event with fellow student organizers Daisy Tran and Ty Truong.

Students were invited to submit video and written testimonials about faculty members who have made an impact on their time at the college. During the event, students had the opportunity to write a comment about their favourite faculty member, which were displayed throughout the event.

A similar event took place at the Institute for Applied Heath Sciences on November 22 in the Lounge. And Stoney Creeks’ event will take place November 26 in the Cafeteria.

“Mohawk College faculty goes above and beyond to help their students, and deep down all of us knows we owe them a big thanks,” said Hoang.

The MSA wanted to take part in this event because, in our busy days, we often forget to thank the people around us. This event is an opportunity to give the faculty of Mohawk College the appreciation they deserve for their efforts, from the students who have benefitted from their help.

The event also received media attention, with reference in The Mountain News.