08:48 AM

Mohawk College’s Health Services team continues to grow after re-opening in 2022.

This September will mark one year since the re-opening of the college’s integrated Health and Wellness Centre (HWC) at the Fennell campus. The HWC has grown to include three doctors, a team of nurses, and health promotion specialists, all joining our existing counselling and case management teams.   The HWC continues to grow to meet the demands of the campus community, providing a wide array of services.    

Dr. Nicole Pinto was the first to join the team in September 2022 and has recently taken on lead physician at the HWC. Dr. Pinto is a graduate of the University of Ottawa. She completed her medical studies at McMaster University.

This June, Dr. Laura Duncan and Dr. Ryan Vamos joined the team at the HWC. Dr. Duncan graduated from McMaster University and completed medical school at the University of Toronto. She is also a clinical teacher at McMaster University, mentoring aspiring medical professionals.

Dr. Vamos graduated from Western University before completing medical school at McMaster University. Dr. Vamos is also a Sports Medicine Specialist and will support the Mohawk Mountaineers varsity and athletics programs. He currently practices as a Sports Medicine specialist at McMaster University’s David Braley Sport Medicine & Rehabilitation Centre, where he provides musculoskeletal care to patients of all ages and McMaster varsity athletes. In addition to taking general appointments, Dr. Vamos is taking referrals for sports medicine and concussion care.

All three doctors are available to provide services to the Mohawk College community, including international students who can access the services through their Guard.me insurance coverage.

Students can book appointments for a range of services at the HWC, including physical exams, pain assessments, prescription refills, sexual health, immunizations and the treatment of illnesses. Some services, such as pre-placement immunization and tests, may require additional fees.  Physician appointments and immunizations, including flu shots and COVID-19 boosters, are available to employees of the college.

The HWC continues to grow and this fall will see the launch of many new programs and initiatives supporting the wellbeing of our campus community.  Follow us on Instagram (@Connect2WellnessatMohawk) to see the exciting events and groups that this team has planned for fall. 

For more information, including how to book an appointment with our counsellors, nurses or physicians, visit our  website.