10:16 AM

Mohawk Selects Canvas as new Learning Management Platform

Mohawk College has selected Instructure Inc.'s Canvas learning management platform to empower educators and engage students.

“Mohawk is committed to ensuring access to leading-edge teaching and learning resources,” said Paul Armstrong, VP, Academics at Mohawk College. “The implementation of Canvas will equip our faculty to enable the latest and greatest technology, ensuring students and graduates remain FutureReady.”

Higher education has embraced learning management platforms as a means to further education, using them for accessing resources, like syllabi and assignments, to demonstrating mastery through assessments, discussion groups, and content sharing. Canvas is known for its ease of use, flexibility and mobile capabilities, and is consistently chosen by leading educational institutions that focus on positive student experiences and faculty excellence.

An LMS committee comprised of Mohawk College students, faculty and staff had the opportunity to review several options and selected Canvas after careful consideration and a review of peer institutions. Mohawk’s college-wide system, which will be called myCanvas, will be launched in Spring 2020, with support materials available for students and faculty.