16:18 PM

Mohawk Students Association hosts Hope for Haiti with $30,000 goal

The Mohawk Students' Association (MSA) hosts "Hope For Haiti" in the Student Centre (Fennell - Gwing) as well as at the IAHS, STARRT and Brantford campuses. By raising $5,000, students and staff can contribute to the Canadian Red Cross and support Haiti relief efforts.


Here's how it works:

  • Purchase a "Helping Hand" for $1 (available in the lower level of Gwing and the Campus Den as well as the MSA office at STARTT, IAHS and Brantford)

  • Purchase your lunch at the Grill or Lunch Box (10% of all food proceeds for the day will be donated)

  • Purchase your morning coffee at Brewed Awakenings (10% of daily proceeds will be donated)

  • Purchase Mohawk clothing at the Campus Den (10% of all proceeds will be donated)

  • Attend Pub Night (100% of cover charges donated)

  • Attend Varsity games in the gym for the next 3 nights (100% of door money donated courtesy of the Students Athletics Committee)

  • Donate generously to any donation container throughout Mohawk College

On Friday, January 22nd, the Mohawk Students Association will match 200% of what was donated to a maximum donation of $10,000.


These funds will then be forwarded to the Canadian Red Cross and doubled by the Federal Government for a total of up to $30,000 raised.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Steve Kosh at 905-575-2182 stephen.kosh@mohawkcollege.ca .