11:44 AM

Momentum magazine - Fall 2021 issue published

Mohawk College has published the Fall 2021 edition of Momentum magazine, complemented by a new dedicated micro-site dedicated to the magazine.

In this latest issue, we highlight:

  • how Mohawk College anticipates change and in response, develops new programs of studies. Whether it be a certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, degree or post-graduate certificate, it takes a cross-functional team and engagement with our external partners to ensure we are educating the future workforce. 
  • new and expanded offerings of micro-credentials and how they provide “just in time” training and skills development to meet emerging needs. From micro-credentials to four-year degree programs in Digital Health and Analytics and Data Management, the wealth of the options continues to expand opportunities for learning at colleges.
  • the growing pathways for students - whether they are coming to Mohawk, already studying here, or connecting their Mohawk studies to further education elsewhere. These pathways truly illustrate an ecosystem of lifelong learning through post-secondary education.
  • the annual gift catalogue and how it eases the burden of financial challenges for our students. This past year, over 80 donors gave an average of $350 through 122 gifts to support our students.
  • the 25th anniversary of our Alumni of Distinction awards.

We hope you enjoy learning about the amazing people at Mohawk and in our community and we look forward to sharing more with you throughout the year and as we soon return to the busy, energetic campuses and classrooms that make Mohawk a special and captivating space.