10:16 AM

Moving day for Fennell Campus library

2010_Dec' Cummings Library Move1 

The shelves are going up and books are being loaded onto the shelves at the new Cummings Library today. Located in the Learning Exchange, the new library and Collaboratory will open on Jan. 3, 2011, in time to greet students returning from their holiday break.

The Learning Exchange will give students more places and better spaces to work collaboratively, share innovative ideas and learn by doing. It's the latest example of how the College is responding to the needs of current and future students, the expectations of employers and the community it serves.

The $16.5 million facility is part of a series of renewal projects planned for Mohawk College's largest and oldest campus. The Ontario government has invested $20 million in the renewal project while the late Harold Cummings, a long-time West Mountain resident and college neighbour who passed away last year, donated a record-setting $4 million to build the new library.