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Online survey lets students rate the quality of teaching in their courses

Mohawk Advertising students won gold, silver and bronze at the 2010 Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) Annual Awards in Toronto this weekend. The 40th annual CMAs attraced marketing's best of the best.


In the marketing student category, Mohawk's Andreea Pohrib, Charlotte Peters, Jenn Gerard and Steffi Raike with coaching by Catharine Ozols brought home a bronze.

In creative student category, Zalona Caruso, Caverleigh Tuer, Ryan Chiasson and Eric Cicero with coaching by Jef Petrossi won gold. Jef also coached students Samantha Bender, Iva Prkacin, Rachel Migneron and Melissa Sholhan who won silver.


"It was a great night, especially hearing people in the industry saying things like you guys win every year," says Jef. Mohawk Advertising students have won more than 20 CMA awards.