15:15 PM

Opioid Summit One findings presented at Mohawk

On November 18, a number of students presented their research as part of the Opioid Summit One, hosted at a number of Ontario colleges in November.

The students from the Analytics for Business Decision Making Graduate Studies program heard first-hand about the Opioid Crisis in the Hamilton Region. A community panel was organized by Dr. Steven Way to provide students studying Analytics with context about crisis in the region. There were six posters from Mohawk students that were submitted and some of them introduced new novel perspectives on the data as presented. Some groups looked at crime rates, some looked at socio-economic situations, some looked at the cost of the crisis, and another looked at correlating the shipping ports with where the highest abuse occurred to consider the smuggling of drugs.

The Opioid Summit One is a Datathon spearheaded by Dana Fox, President/ CEO, Institute of Smarter Government.