10:49 AM

Employing Success - Orlick Industries

Orlick Industries has had a Mohawk connection for many years, and it is continuing todevelop, says Scott Armstrong, human resources manager.

The automotive parts supplier employs many Mohawk graduates among its 450 employees, and is particularly involved with the Millwright apprenticeship program, employing more than half a dozen students at any given time.

They have also taken part in a number of committees, including program development, course content review, and women in manufacturing. Orlick staff are enrolled in technicaland leadership continuing education offerings, too.

Orlick also participates in the Hamilton Skilled Trades Apprenticeship Consortium (HSTAC), a group of local employers that work with Mohawk College to help youth transition into the manufacturing workforce. It provides jobplacements, mentorship, career guidance, skills upgrading, and employment readiness training.

“Mohawk is so engaged in the employer community. They are at the centre of bringing employers and the city together when partners at the table meet to discuss needs, challenges andsolutions,” said Armstrong.

To learn more about Mohawk's partnering opportunies visit https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/industry-and-employers