12:34 PM

Ramp and lift closure at the Fennell Campus lobby Feb. 15

FWing Entrance 
The ramp and lifts in the Fennell Campus front lobby will close Feb. 15 as renovations get underway to turn the old library into a new centre for student services.

Students, staff and visitors with mobility issues are asked to please use the F Wing entrance, to the west of the front lobby entrance (pictured above on the left hand side of the photo). The lobby and reception desk will remain open and staffed during the renovations.

For safety reasons, a temporary wall will surround the construction site and enclose the lobby ramp and lifts.

Along with creating a new centre for student services, the lobby will be renovated and feature a new and improved ramp. The centre will bring together services currently offered at 17 different location on campus, further improving accessibility.

The renovations are part of the ongoing Fennell Campus Renewal Project, the largest in Mohawk's history. Improving accessibility is a priority for Mohawk and was integral to the design and construction of the new Mohawk Learning Exchange and renovations to C Wing, which included the addition of a new elevator.

The new centre for student services and the renovated lobby are expected to open in September.

Download Fennell lobby ramp and lifts closure memo