10:35 AM

Rob MacIsaac with a Roughriders jersey

Mohawk Advertising students won gold, silver and bronze in the student award competition at the 2013 Canadian Marketing Association Awards last Friday in Toronto. Mohawk Advertising students have won gold for seven consecutive years and have won 31 CMA awards overall.

Gold: Marco Buchar, Scott Rodgerson, Erikson Melton, Shawn Walton (coached by Jef Petrossi)

Silver: Osman Rahmani, Eric Williamson (coached by Jef Petrossi)

Bronze: Desiree Boucher, Samantha Mujdrica, and Andria Ramelli (coached by Janice Warren)

The CMA awards gala topped off an award-winning month for Mohawk Advertising students who also had sevens winners at the Applied Arts AACE Awards and four winners at the Ad and Design Club of Canada's Awards night in November.