11:33 AM

Smart Commute names Mohawk College regional employer of the year in GTHA

Mohawk College has been named the Regional Employer of the Year by Smart Commute, a program of Metrolinx and the municipalities in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) that helps employers and commuters explore different commuting choices like carpooling, cycling and transit.

Since 2007, Smart Commute has recognized the top employer in each region of the GTHA that has implemented Smart Commute programs. Winners are selected for outstanding achievement in the areas of commitment, leadership, innovation and results and recognized as Smart Commute Employers of the Year. From these organizations, one employer from the GTHA is selected by the Smart Commute review panel to receive the top honour of Regional Employer of the Year Award.

In addition to expanding carpool parking and sheltered bike parking, Mohawk has made active transportation improvements a key element of the Fennell Campus Renewal Project. These improvements include a new multi-use pathway to connect the campus to local neighbourhoods, the rebuilding and expansion of sidewalks and crossings, and the development of a pedestrian plaza in a former parking lot. A bike loan program was implemented this year, allowing students to borrow a bike for up to 24 hours.

The Sustainability Office supports the use of transit by staff through the Discount Transit Pass program. On average, 60 passes are sold each month. Additionally, Mohawk continues to work with Hamilton Street Railway and GO Transit to advocate for improved and more frequent service to campus.

Mohawk consistently takes every opportunity to promote sustainable transportation options and encourage behaviour change. Following the closure of their Brantford campus, they developed commuter profiles for all 700 students facing relocation, identifying the best non-single occupancy vehicle methods of travelling to their new campus.

The Sustainability Office introduced the MoCoModal service for students, an online tool that lists tailored sustainable commute options from a range of starting destinations. It includes carpool options, bus routes, shuttle services and more.