10:50 AM

Employing Success - Stackpole International

It is tough to find and keep talented technicalpeople, says Gord Rowe, Manufacturing Engineering Manager Automation and Assembly at Stackpole International. The global company has Corporate Services in Ancaster and is part of Johnson Electric Group. They are a leader in fluid power systemsand powder metal technology, building precision components primarily for the automotive market.

The company employs more than 4,000 people in 14 locations worldwide.

“We are very automated here and that requires a higher-end skill set that is difficult to find in themarket. We are working with the college and only expect that to grow,” he said.

Mohawk’s robotics lab uses the same platform used at Stackpole, making Mohawk graduates particularly attractive to the company.

“Students have already had their hands on these robots, so they are an immediate asset when they walk in the door,” said Rowe.

Stackpole is looking at the integration of new technology, including augmented and virtual reality, and will rely on the expertise of Mohawk toguide the way, says Rowe.

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