16:07 PM

Statement from Mohawk College

Sadly, once again, it has taken a violent tragedy to highlight the systemic racism and other forms of injustices that affect too many people, in our own communities and around the world.

In Atlanta, Georgia on March 16, eight people were killed, six of whom were Asian women. This traumatic event has focused our attention on the issue of anti-Asian racism in our society and the continuation of violence against women. We recognize that these events of hate and violence, especially since the pandemic began have been difficult for our employees, students and alumni of Asian heritage, including many people in our Mohawk College community.

Mohawk College condemns anti-Asian discrimination and racism, and all forms of racism, hate and violence. To Asian members of our community, we stand with you and support you. To the women of our community, we stand with you and support you. We want everyone to feel welcome, safe and supported.

We know that words are not enough.

We have recently renewed our commitment as a college to address issues of systemic racism and gender inequity in our institution. We recognize that we have work to do. We can and will do more to identify and work to eliminate inequities. For additional information and resources, contact equityandinclusion@mohawkcollege.ca.

Recognizing that such incidents affect us in different ways, if you are struggling with the impact of these events, please reach out to talk with someone. And if you are struggling with the stress of any other issues, either at home, in the community or farther afield, please know that you are not alone.

If you need help, there are people and resources available to assist you.

We want everyone at Mohawk College to feel safe, supported and valued. Working together, we can create a more inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment for everyone who works and studies at our college.