16:34 PM

Statement remembering the Afzaal Family, London, Ontario



Our Mohawk College community joins the people of London, Ontario, and across Canada in their grief, sorrow and outrage following the horrific attack on the Afzaal family. I want to acknowledge those who have been impacted by this tragic event, especially the Muslim community grieving at this time.

Hatred and violence have no place in our communities. This is something we must all stand against.

This despicable act fueled by racism and hatred, has robbed a young boy of his family and a community of beloved friends and neighbours. It has also reminded us of the work that we need to do to address issues of racism in our own college community. Now, more than ever, the work of the EDI Action Plan remains a top priority.

This terrorist attack has been traumatic for many people, making them feel vulnerable and anxious.

If you are struggling, please reach out to someone you trust. There are resources available if you are seeking help to cope.



Ron J. McKerlie
President & CEO, Mohawk College