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Student success a priority for Mohawk College (President's Breakfast remarks)

to the ongoing construction of the Mohawk Recreation Centre there will be some disruption to traffic and parking
on campus during the first couple of weeks of September.

Traffic entering the campus from Fennell Avenue and West 5th Street is being redirected around the construction site located on the west side of
the campus. The alternate routes include the parking lots on the south and west
side of the campus. Bus traffic has also been assigned alternate pick up and
drop off locations to avoid the construction work. 

construction has resulted in the temporary loss of some parking spaces.
While most of these spaces will be replaced once the work is complete, there
will be a shortage of parking spaces during peak periods including the
beginning of classes in September and January. Mohawk typically sees higher than normal traffic and parking volume during these time periods.

The City is also repairing the section of West 5th Street between Fennell Avenue and Mohawk Road. Traffic along this route is down to one lane in both directions. If you're coming from the Lincoln Alexander Parkway you can avoid this by using Upper James to Fennell, or Garth Street to Fennell and use the entrances to the campus from Fennell Avenue. If you're coming from the lower city take your preferred mountain access route to Fennell Avenue and enter from Fennell Avenue. Please note that the far west entrance nearest the Alumni House is right turn only. (See Satellite map below for impacted areas and suggested routes.)

Avoid the hassle and save money. Take public transit, ride your bike or carpool.

Students and college staff are encouraged to take advantage of the other transportation options available to them such as public transit, carpooling or cycling. You'll not only be saving money, you'll also be helping the environment as well. 

All full-time students attending the Fennell, IAHS and STARRT campuses receive a significantly discounted HSR pass through the Mohawk Students' Association. The fee is paid with your tuition and buys you a pass that is valid from September to the end of April. College employees can also purchase a discounted HSR pass through a pilot program that is running from September to April. 

Mohawk has recently opened a secure bike parking facility near the entrance to C Wing. The college is offering free 8-month trial memberships to the facility, but space is limited so get yours before they run out.

If public transit or cycling isn't an option, you may want to consider carpooling. Sharing a ride with a friend or colleague can save you money on parking and fuel, reduce wear and tear on your vehicle and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Stay tuned to Mohawk Matters for up-to-date information. You can also check out the Fennell Renewal Blog for the latest construction-related news and information, or visit our website for more information about our Fennell Campus Renewal Project.


Google Map_Construction_Traffic Map


Red: Fennell Avenue

Pink: Upper James

Purple: Garth Street

Blue: On Campus Detour Route

Gray Shared Area: Construction Site

Yellow: West 5th Street