14:36 PM

Summer renewal projects completed at Mohawk College's Stoney Creek Campus and IAHS

Students at Mohawk's Stoney Creek and Institute for Applied Health Sciences (IAHS) return to classes next week in renewed spaces that deliver better places to learn, greater access to services and improvements to the overall campus experience. Renovations were carried out during the summer.

Institute of Applied Health Sciences

The IAHS renewal project is complete, featuring upgraded facilities that support student success and academic excellence through spaces for teaching, hands-on learning, silent study and collaboration. Improvements include new collaborative group space for problem-based learning and simulation space for clinical training, library improvements including a new Tech Bar, quiet and silent study areas, and new tutorial rooms. By consolidating office space, two new large classrooms have been created to serve 60 and 100 students.

Student Services staff is excited to move into a new Service and Welcome area at The Square. Students benefit from increased access at a centralized service location. The new Student Services area provides a range of services from quick transactions to more detailed services, all in support of student success. The addition of a new space for MSA and Student Life in room 144 will further encourage students to engage in college life and social activities.

Stoney Creek Campus

The Stoney Creek Campus renewal has created new space for enhanced teaching and learning facilities, areas for collaboration and social activity, and overall renovations to campus space, providing a greater opportunity to engage learners in events, activities and outreach. The learning environment is improved with expanded areas for student collaboration, quiet and silent study.

The new fitness and recreation centre brings Student Engagement and Athletics together in one convenient location for studetns, and access to this newly equipped facility is included in student fees. Improvements also include expanded food services, including a new Tim Horton’s location and improved retail at the Campus Store.

Large new exterior signage increases roadway presence at Stoney Creek Campus, creating a sense of identity for the campus and increasing Mohawk’s visibility in the neighbouring community.

Mohawk College Campus renewal projects improve facilities, create greater capacity to accommodate program and enrolment growth, and enhance service offerings, contributing to an overall positive student experience at each campus. Mohawk is committed to creating sustainable campus environments with high quality spaces and cohesive designs that foster academic excellence and integrate spaces of learning into the communities we serve.