11:06 AM

The Extra Mile @ Mohawk


New podcast highlights people who go the extra mile for Mohawk students

The Extra Mile @ Mohawk podcast celebrates the people who go above and beyond for the college’s students. Each episode features a conversation with an outstanding college employee, coach, donor or employer who goes the extra mile. The conversations will focus on what people do to help students, how they do it and why they choose to go the extra mile.

The show is hosted by Elyse Pipitone, Mohawk’s Manager of International and Exchange Students. Elyse also hosts Elyse in Wonderland, a radio show/podcast that celebrates diverse cultures and storied lives of students, faculty, staff and community partners. Elyse in Wonderland airs every Thursday from 5 – 6 p.m. on 101.5 FM The HAWK.

Two episodes of The Extra Mile @ Mohawk will be posted every month from October 2018 to April 2019. You can find The Extra Mile @ Mohawk podcast on iTunes and Google Play Music. It is also available through Podbean at https://mohawkextramile.podbean.com/.

Episode transcripts are available in the show notes.

If you know someone who is going the extra mile at Mohawk you can email us at extramile@mohawkcollege.ca