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IDEAWORKS‘ energy innovation centre to be the go-to place for new ideas

Mohawk College is powering up its capabilities in sustainable energy with the Energy Power Innovation Centre (EPIC).

EPIC collaborates with industry partners on applied research projects related to sustainable energy integration, prototype testing, power protection and control.

The Energy Power Management Lab at the Fennell Campus will soon move to its expanded home in the newly opened The Joyce Centre for Partnership Innovation.

“It will allow for more equipment, more learning and collaboration space,“ said Mariano Arriaga, General Manager of EPIC.


From The Joyce Centre lab, students and faculty will be able to remotely monitor and partially control some of the equipment at the other labs, along with all the geothermal, solar and rainwater sensors in the building.

“It will be the go-to place for information regarding zero carbon buildings,“ said Arriaga, who came to Mohawk in June from the University of Waterloo where he was a post-doctoral fellow researching the integration of energy storage systems in the electrical grid.

Earlier this year, EPIC opened the Energy and Power Utilities Lab in the former Caroline Street substation. The fully equipped substation, leased from Alectra Utilities, will be used for simulations run by students, training, workshops and certificate programs for industry partners, as well as applied research.

EPIC‘s third facility at the Stoney Creek Campus for Skilled Trades includes an off-grid house powered by solar energy and batteries. There, students work with industry partners on a range of applied research projects.

“It‘s a sandbox place where industrial partners can test their operations or pilot innovation. It‘s the go-to place for new ideas,“ said Arriaga.

EPIC is one of three innovation centres at Mohawk through applied research hub IDEAWORKS. Arriaga says there is also an opportunity to collaborate with the other two, MEDIC and the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre.

Energy reliability, efficiency and storage are critical to everything from the smallest home to the biggest factory, says Arriaga. “There is so much potential for EPIC to work with utilities, manufacturers, small-tomedium businesses and universities. We are doing strategic planning right now to prioritize the sectors and specific projects to undertake.“