15:43 PM

Tools of Engagement- How workshops increased assistive technology usage for testing

Upcoming webinar explores how training impacts student engagement with supports and resources offered to them at the college setting.

An upcoming webinar hosted by Mohawk College IDEAWORKS will explore how training impacts student engagement with supports and tools provided to them in order to increase their success and effectiveness in the college setting.

Andrea Zians, Accessibility Counsellor at Mohawk College and PhD student at the University of Toronto and Kelsey Clohecy, Accessibility Support Officer and Continuing Education Instructor, Concurrent Disorders at Mohawk College, will be sharing the results of their study that examined the variables that may play a role in accommodation and technology usage in the testing centre.

Their research study examined the impact of Mohawk College’s assistive technology training program as evidenced by student usage and engagement with both reading technology and accommodations during testing. A small randomly controlled trial examined the difference between student engagement with technology and resources after being assigned to either a workshop condition or a regular appointment condition. 

The project was supported by the IDEAWORKS Catalyst Fund, which provides funding to support new applied research and innovative scholarship in teaching and learning at Mohawk College.

The free webinar will be held on October 28, 2020, from 2 p.m.- 3 p.m. and is open to Mohawk College employees, students and the public.

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